DKBIKE and Trilaro have entered into a partnership - Receive a 75% discount on the first month with Trilaro

DKBIKE og Trilaro har indgået et samarbejde - Modtag 75% rabat på første måned hos Trilaro

DKBIKE and Trilaro - Cooperation

DKBIKE and Trilaro have entered into a partnership - You receive a full 75% discount on the first month by using the code: "dkbike". You can read much more about Trilaro here:



Whether you are a beginner, experienced or super exerciser, we have effective and fun training programs adapted to your level, which are guaranteed to improve your form and your competition results.

Many people have been exercising all their lives, but they have missed out on the most satisfying way to exercise – namely with a structured training plan. A structured training plan provides motivating training and lifts your event performance to a high level. And at the same time it reduces the risk of injury.

"Thank you so much for a great Ironman program, it lasted all the way, and got me to the finish line 2 hours faster than I had hoped for! (No. 5 of AG 2016)"

Mette, Triathlete

Can you answer yes to one of the following questions? Then Trilaro is the right training program for you:

· Do you want to train effectively without wasting time?
· Do you lack motivation for your training?
· Do you lack structure in your training?
· Do you want to challenge yourself?
· Want better results?
· Do you want to perform at competitions?

Here are 4 good reasons to choose Trilaro:

ADVANTAGE #1: The training is adapted to your level

Your training program is personally adapted to you and your level. You do a running and a cycling test, and then we create a personal training program based on your tests. You must regularly do new tests so that the training program always suits your form.

You will experience constant development, and thus the training will never be boring - because it is constantly adapted to you.

Trilaro was developed by Rune Pauly, who is an experienced triathlete, and he has spent 20 years perfecting his training program. This ensures you an effective workout – regardless of whether you are a beginner, experienced or super exerciser.

“I followed Trilaro's super efficient training plan leading up to my Ironman. Along the way I lost 15 kilos.”

– Søren, triathlete

BENEFIT #2: Special training leading up to your event

Are you going to attend a convention?

Regardless of whether you have an ironman, a marathon, half-marathon, DHL or something completely fifth in the calendar, Trilaro is the right training program when you need to be in top shape for your event. You just enter the meeting date in Trilaro's calendar and choose the distance, and you will automatically receive a training program that ensures that you reach the perfect level on the day of the meeting.

We have training programs from the very short trips to the ironman distance.

"At the end of November, I never thought it was possible to get under 1.40 for the BT half marathon six months later. Thanks for the good training.”

– Karina, running

ADVANTAGE #3: Low price – without compromise

We have developed the training platform from scratch. Because only in this way can we keep the price low and the quality top.

Although the price is so low that everyone can join, you still get a structured, high-quality training plan that is adapted to you and your form.

"My own need was to get structured and targeted training in a busy everyday life. Great program.”

– Jesper, triathlete

BENEFIT #4: Trilaro is (also) a helpful community

When you train with Trilaro, you are also invited to our closed Facebook group. Here you meet other Trilaro users who are ready to help you with good advice - whether you have questions about running shoes, bicycle tyres, energy intake, carbohydrate and protein intake or something completely different.

Here are committed members who are ready to help you with their good advice

"Previously had a personal trainer, but was recommended Trilaro, and I have not regretted it because, among other things, same high quality of training plan.”

Sincerely. Pernille

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