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Test and review of DKBIKE wheel sets

Test og anmeldelse af DKBIKE hjulsæt

Velomore has tested one of our DKBIKE wheel sets - and there has been a fantastic review that fully emphasizes that with DKBIKE wheels you can upgrade your bike for a very modest price. Read here what the tester from Velomore writes.

The test has been carried out and the review has been written by Hans Plauborg from Velomore - Photography by Roar Paaske

"Carbon fiber wheels are one of the most sought-after products by cyclists of all levels. Aluminum wheels seem completely outdated on modern racing bikes with disc brakes and electronic gears. Yet you often see that it is precisely the wheels that manufacturers save money on to keep them galloping sales prices just fairly accessible to ordinary people. There are not many road bikes in the price range between DKK 20,000 - 25,000 where there is room for a carbon fiber wheel set. And it's sad, because if there is something that transforms the experience of a bike, it is the combination of a relatively light, aerodynamic wheel set - and preferably tubeless. This is where the Danish wheel supplier specializes in quality wheels that are affordable. From a relatively modest DKK 5,995 you can buy a carbon fiber wheel set that guarantees an improvement compared to the wheels that are on many bicycles in the price range between DKK 15,000 - 30,000. And for 1,000 kroner more, you can even get them with ceramic bearings, if you are one of those who think that a bearing will be absolutely fantastic with gray ceramic balls instead of silver colored steel balls. Velomore has had the opportunity to test DKBike's 50mm road wheelset with ceramic bearings and let it be said right away: you'd have to be a very vain brand fanatic to be able to justify paying two, three or four times as much.


My test wheels arrive set up with Pirelli Cinturato Velo tubeless tires (that are seated), tubeless fluid to fill and an 11 - 34 Shimano 12-speed cassette and brake discs. This way, all customers can have the wheels delivered with individual setup, so that they are ready for use. Of course, it costs more than the price of the wheel set itself. I quickly add 40 ml of liquid and pump up. However, the wheels do not hold air for more than a few hours. I add a little more fluid and pump the tires up to max pressure. Things are getting better, although Anders from DKBike immediately offers to send tubeless rim tape so I can change it if the air still doesn't hold.

The first impression is very positive: nice finish and easy-running hub. Imagine standing with a pair of fine 50 mm carbon fiber wheels with ceramic bearings for less than DKK 7,000. It's immediately incredible that ENVE, Zipp, Roval and others can wring three or four times more out of the branded beasts. A trip on the scale shows that the wheelset is slightly heavier than both my own DT Swiss 1400 ARC (200 grams), which has 62 mm high rims, and the Scope R4 (325 grams), which has 45 mm rims. However, both of these wheelsets are fitted with lighter tires than the solid training tires from Pirelli on the DKBike wheelset. If DKBike's own weight statement of 1655 grams for the "pure" wheelset fits, it is certainly approved for a 50 mm wheelset for DKK 7,000.


The rims are available in several widths and heights – the test specimen has an outer width of 28 mm and an inner width of 18.5 mm. It's not quite as wide as many modern wheelsets, where an internal width of 21mm or more is now standard. It provides a better connection between rims with wide tires of 28 - 32 mm. With DKBike's wheels, the optimal tire width is 23 - 28 mm with 25 mm as the golden ratio, but you can of course also ride 30 or 32 mm tires if there is room in the frame. The customer can choose between four rim heights: 38, 50, 60 and 82 mm and thus possibly combine a slightly lower rim height at the front with a higher one on the rear wheel.


How do they drive? The short answer is excellent. The crosswind sensitivity is noticeably less than on my Scope R4, although the latter is slightly lower, and the stiffness seems high thanks to the two crosses of the spokes. It may compromise the aerodynamics a bit on the front wheel, but these wheels are not created as the fastest racing wheels for the racer, but training wheels or solid all-round wheels for the exerciser who wants to upgrade his bike. Therefore, the weight limit is also a whopping 130 kg. Personally, I would now not hesitate to do license racing on the DKBike wheels. But in that case I would switch to faster tires. Pirelli Cinturato Velo tubeless tires are excellent and very durable and puncture-resistant all-season tires, but the powerful tires are definitely not fast. I tried during the test period to switch to a set of 25 mm Continental GP5000 AS TR and they convey a somewhat better and faster driving experience. This just to emphasize the enormous importance of the tires for the overall driving experience. There can be many opinions about the sound of a free run. Some sound like a hell machine on steroids - which some actually like - and others are so quiet that you can easily drive the rear wheel around in front of a colicky baby who has finally fallen asleep without being stabbed by the mother. The freewheel in the DKBike wheelset is at neither end of that spectrum, so the sound of the wheel shouldn't put anyone off buying.


It is inherently impossible to assess how high the quality and durability are when you have only ridden the wheels for a few weeks. But DKBike at least gives a 900-day warranty on the rims. So you believe in the quality yourself. The hub turns buttery smooth and the tolerances seem perfectly cut, but if you are nervous about the durability of a set of unbranded hubs from DKBike, the company also supplies the wheels strung up around a DT Swiss 350 or 240 hub. Then the price becomes DKK 8,500 (respectively DKK 9,500), and the wheels are suddenly not very cheap anymore.

The wheels from DKBike get a clear recommendation from here. It will be almost impossible to find a better set of wheels for the price. And it doesn't matter if the producer/seller is Danish.

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