DKBIKE tests

We know that DKBIKE wheels are absolutely top quality. That is why we regularly have our wheels tested by an impartial tester - - the Nordic region's largest cycling site.

We have tested our DKBIKE Gravel wheelset with excellent results: 9 out of 10 bikes. Read more about the test at

Comments from the test:

"Even though we had set the bar high, the gravel wheels from DKBIKE have fully lived up to expectations for both quality, technology, driving experience and aesthetics.

Assess how the manufacturer has succeeded in hitting the purpose and target group

I thought DKBIKE hit the spot with this wheelset. Furthermore, with the options available to customize it in height/width and with hubs, you get a super wheel set from DKBIKE

How does the price compare to similar wheelsets?

You get a lot for your money if you choose this wheel set. It's good material all the way through, and it's proven durable in testing. Now it's only been tested over just under two months, but I can't see that it wouldn't hold up to the same standard with continued use. In the test, I really tried to challenge the wheels, and they have held up well.

Describe the driving characteristics of the wheels

The wheels roll incredibly easily. Acceleration and directional stability are completely in line with the best wheelsets I've tried.


Did you enjoy riding the wheelset?

I have been really happy to drive with this wheelset. They have delivered fantastically across the board. Feels light, stiff and directionally stackable. They have also been on target for a little extra test abuse and haven't beeped once.

Test of the DKBIKE road wheel set for disc brakes has also had its hands on our DKBIKE wheelset for disc brakes, which also got a really good test grade.

The test can be read at here:

Among the comments about the wheel set were, among other things, the following mentioned:

"DKBIKE has produced some good wheels that seem to be able to withstand a bit of everything. They roll absolutely fantastic and are incredibly stiff. You can feel that vertically in the form of good power transfer..."

"I thought you get good value for money. The quality seems high and they don't cost much more than a pair of good aluminum wheels."

"DKBIKE seems convincing about their production - and cool with the many options, without going crazy with the color palette."