Installing the cassette - you can easily install it yourself

Montering af kassette - den kan du sagtens selv montere

Changing the cassette is quick and easy - something most people can do themselves

It is necessary to change the cassette once in a while. Fortunately, it is an operation that is incredibly easy to perform yourself. It just requires the correct tool and cassette - and you'll be up and running in no time.

Do you need to change the cassette, either because the old one is worn out, you need new gearing or when you have bought some new DKBIKE wheels where you need to mount a new cassette, here you will find a step-by-step guide on how you change the cassette yourself. Fortunately, it is easy and quick to do.

When should the cassette be changed?

The cassette must be replaced when it is worn - wear and tear is caused by a wide range of factors, including the weather conditions, cleaning method, frequency and efficiency. In addition, we recommend that you ride with a new chain and cassette when you mount your new DKBIKE wheels - then you start in the right way and get full enjoyment from your wheels right away.

If you often experience that the chain gives out and it is difficult to change gears despite the gears being set correctly, it could be either the cassette or the chain that is the problem. You can use a chain gauge to measure whether the chain is worn. If the chain is changed before it is worn out, you can often avoid having to change the more expensive cassette at the same time. Otherwise, the starting point is to change the chain and cassette at the same time - to ensure uniform wear.

Which cassette should you choose?

If you want to drive with the same gearing as usual, you just have to choose the cassette you already drive with. If you can't see on the cassette what the gearing is, you can count the teeth on the largest and smallest sprocket - then you have the gearing - e.g. 11-28, which says that there are 11 teeth on the smallest blade on the cassette and 28 teeth on the largest blade on the cassette. Finally, you need to keep track of the number of gears, to ensure that you drive with 10, 11 or 12 speed. 12 gears on the cassette = 12 speed.

What do you need for the installation?

To be able to mount and dismount a cassette, you must use the following:

  • Trigger for cassette
  • Chain whip
  • Cartridge
  • Cool
  • Cloth for cleaning and wiping

Now for the actual "surgery"

  1. Remove the rear wheel from the bicycle
  2. Remove Quick Release (QR) or thru axle
  3. Mount the chain whip and use it as a counter - attach it to one of the upper cogs for maximum torque. The trigger is mounted and turned COUNTERCLOCKWISE, while holding again with the chain whip. The locking ring should now be loosened and can be removed
  4. Remove the cassette and clean the cassette body and then give it a thin layer of grease
  5. Mount the new cassette, remember any spacers
  6. Mount the locking ring and tighten it by hand, after which the trigger is mounted again and turned CLOCKWISE so that the cassette is properly tightened. It must be tightened - but without using violence and force in the tensioning
  7. Refit the Quick-release or thru axle and get out and ride

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