The quality of DKBIKE carbon wheels - How is it?

Kvaliteten af DKBIKE carbon hjul - Hvordan er den?
Quality control

Quality control at DKBIKE - Throughout the entire process

The most important thing for DKBIKE is that we produce the perfect wheel for you. This means that performance and aesthetics are important - but even more important is that the quality is top notch so that you have a set of wheels that you will enjoy for a long time to come. For that reason, we do a huge job in ensuring quality throughout the entire production process.

What exactly do we do at DKBIKE?

The illustration below shows the production process, i.e. what starts when you place your order. We have a strong focus on traceability, which means that we can always go back in the production process and find out where a error has occurred - the few times it happens. At all steps in the process, there is a quality check and registration for the aforementioned tracking purposes.

DKBIKE - Quality control

Step 1:

The material that will be used to produce your wheel goes through the first quality control, where uniformity is checked and, not least, registration of the material for possible tracking.

Step 2:

The carbon layers in the wheels are laid - a process that requires time and precision to create the best and most durable wheel

Step 3:

When the carbon layers are laid, the wheels are cast

Step 4:

Drilling of spoke holes is carried out - this requires extremely high precision

Step 5:

Detailing the rim, ie. finish, brake surface, rim surface etc. are machined

Step 6:

The rims are finished with the final finishing touch to make it absolutely perfect - exactly as you ordered it

Step 7:

The wheel is inspected before it is sent for assembly

Step 8:

The wheel is built as you have ordered it and final quality control is carried out to ensure the highest quality

Step 9:

The wheels are packed and made ready for dispatch

Step 10:

The wheels are sent to you, after which you receive them within a short time

The above gives an overview of the production process and the several quality control points we have in the production process.

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