DKBIKE Wave carbon - disc brake wheelset

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Profile (Rim Height): 45mm
Hub: DKBIKE Standard hub
Spokes: Standard spokes
Delivery time: 1-3 days

DKBIKE WAVE specifications

The weight indication is approx. indications and may vary by +/- 30 g

Weight with standard/ceramic bearings

Standard spokes

45mm: 1727g

57mm: 1787g

Lightweight champion

45mm: 1627g

57mm: 1687g.

Weight with Ratchet

Standard spokes

45mm: 1676g

57mm: 1636g

Lightweight champion

45mm: 1576g

57mm: 1536g

Weight with DT Swiss 350

Standard spokes

45mm: 1783g

57mm: 1843g

Lightweight champion

45mm: 1683g

57mm: 1743g

Weight with DT Swiss 240


45mm: 1658g

57mm: 1718g

Lightweight champion
45mm: 1568g

57mm: 1618g

Internal measurements

20 mm

External measurements

28 mm

Rider weight

Max 130 kg

Recommended tire width

25-40 mm

Tire tube

Yes, remember to install the rim tape

Tubeless ready

Yes, remember to install the rim tape

Rim tape

Included in the package



Everything you should know about the Wave disc brake

The choice of rim height and hub depends on what you will use the wheels for, i.e. what terrain they are to be used in, type of rider, etc. If you ride primarily in Denmark, however, we would recommend you go for profiles between 38-60mm rim height with DKBIKE hubs with ceramic bearings or ratchet hubs.

With that wheel set, you achieve good aerodynamics without being overly sensitive to wind (mainly crosswinds/headwinds).

Our DKBIKE Wave has an incredibly nice aesthetic expression and will adorn any bike - including your bike. 29mm external width, which means you can ride with tires between 25-40mm wide (so you can actually also use them for gravel) and not least the DKBIKE hub which quite simply rolls completely and utterly fantastic.

Here you get an unrivaled Price/Value ratio.

A carbon wheelset with our hub in this super aerodynamic design for Kr. NOK 7,995 is quite simply spectacular and unique -

and you can be sure that you have a wheel set that stands out from the crowd -

visually as well as performance-wise.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ole Worm
Full satisfaction with the purchase of a carbon fiber wheel set

Great service and communication in connection with the purchase and delivery.
Super stiff wheels that roll well.

Frederick G.
Great wheelset

I have now put a little over 1000km on the South Funen country roads, and it is wonderful. The power transfer is fantastic, the stiffness is exactly as it should be for a wheelset with that depth. It's king! Just wish you could buy them in a deeper depth for the TT (and because a deep wheelset looks really nice)


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Free delivery

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High strength

Durable wheels with great strength


Top performance, affordable price