DKBIKE Carbon rear wheel - Rim brake

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Profile (Rim Height): 38mm
Hub: DKBIKE Standard hub
Outer width of the rim: 25 mm
Construction and delivery time approx. 4-6 weeks

Everything you should know about Road rim brake rear wheels

Recommending a rim height, rim width and hub is difficult as it depends on what you will use the wheels for, i.e. what terrain they should be used in, type of rider, etc.

If you primarily drive in Denmark, we would however recommend 50mm rim height, 25mm outer width and DKBIKE hub with ceramic bearings.

With that wheel set, you achieve good aerodynamics without being overly sensitive to wind (primarily side wind/headwind), nice aesthetic expression on your bike, 25mm outer width which means you can ride with tires between 23-28mm wide (most common width for country roads ) and not least DKBIKE hub with ceramic bearings that quite simply roll absolutely and absolutely fantastic.

Here you get an absolutely fantastic Price/Value ratio.

A carbon wheel set with ceramic bearings for DKK. NOK 6,995 is quite simply spectacular and unique.

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